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Waitlist for my startup: name, email address, company, job title, and what technologies they currently use for marketing research. If they're a software engineer, ask for their GitHub.
Thanks, Jane! Now, what is your company and job title?
I'm a ML Engineer at Tech Co
Very cool! What's your GitHub?
Thanks, I see your username is 'jd-70B'. Now, what technologies do you use when doing marketing research?

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Jane Doejd@ex.coTech Co.ML EngineerReact, Node, Python
Bill Smithbsx@ex.coBiz Corp.Marketing ManagerGoogle Analytics
VC coffee chat: name, email, startup name, stage, one-sentence pitch. If the pitch mentions crypto, politely end the convo. Translate their pitch to Spanish and French as well. If they're past seed, ask for valuation and $ raised at each stage. If they're an AI company, ask about their moat, and if you suspect they're a thin wrapper around OpenAI, add a secret flag.

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