Announcing: TalkForm AI

Forms are ready to be reinvented. TalkForm AI is here to give you forms that are easy, fast, and as powerful as your imagination. And it's completely open source!

Creating a TalkForm is as simple as asking for what you want, and letting the AI infer the field types:

Waitlist for my startup: name, email address, company, job title, and what technologies they currently use for marketing research. If they're a software engineer, ask for their GitHub.

To fill the form, users just need to type in their responses:

Thanks, Jane! Now, what is your company and job title?
I'm a ML Engineer at Tech Co

All your form responses remain structured according to the inferred schema for easy analysis:

Jane Doejd@ex.coTech Co.ML EngineerReact, Node, Python
Bill Smithbsx@ex.coBiz Corp.Marketing ManagerGoogle Analytics

And you get unlimited power to do custom/complicated logic, all with minimal effort! Here are some examples:

Data cleaning/extraction

TalkForm understand the semantics of what you’re asking for, so it’s easy to make sure you’re always getting the right data:

What is your GitHub username?
Great, I see your GitHub username is 'nsbradford'.

Custom validations

Some concepts are impossible to specify with existing forms, but easy in natural language:

What's your favorite action movie?
Tom Cruise
Sorry, I think you may be thinking of your favorite action movie star. Please enter a movie title.
edg of tomorrow
Nice choice! The science fiction action film "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014), also known as "Live Die Repeat" or "All You Need Is Kill", is an underrated gem.

Asking follow-up questions

Sometimes you might want to dig deeper into a particular area:

What kind of frontend web technologies do you use?
react, css
Very cool! Are there any particular React libraries or frameworks you use?

Conditional logic

Having fields depend on other fields has never been simpler:

Intake form. Ask for name, address, date of birth. If they're Gen Z, ask for their favorite TikTok. They'll love that.

What are you waiting for?

You can sign up now for free, or view the code on GitHub! If you have any questions or want to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you - contact us here!